architecture and interior design 

in geneva since 1989

a story of skills meeting demand 

The Inuit have about ten words to describe the different varieties of white that are available to them. In his romance, E. L. James puts forward some Fifty nuances of Grey. The PANTONE colour chart range offers 1867 colours in direct tones...

NUANCES is also an interior design firm created in 1989, and integrated into MVT architectes in 2017. 

It is now being taken over by Sonia Christin and Fanny Dupanloup, recent winner of the Teo Jakob Prize and the Prize of the Swiss Association of Interior Architects (VSI-ASAI).

NUANCES likes challenges and to find a solution adapted to each project submitted to it. Whether it is a classified interior, a newborn restaurant or offices to humanize, Sonia and Fanny model, decorate, revisit and accompany with an all-inclusive approach and a true sensitivity to healthy and natural materials.

NUANCES creates tailor-made interiors that are places of life, joy, rest, pleasure or rejuvenation. Places that suit you. Authentic spaces.

Our story is to be followed on social networks and with pleasure we can meet to talk about yours.


individual management of bespoke projects

Nuances has many years of experience and takes special care with regard to the quality of workmanship, services and deadlines. 


Nuances will support and guide you in the design of your project, whether residential or professional, in Switzerland or abroad, avoiding repetitive or imposed style.

Study and follow-up

Nuances designs and draws plans and details for interior design and layout. It also establishes a precise description of the work with detailed estimates for a controlled budget. Nuances works in collaboration with architects, engineers and landscape architects. 

Thanks to its skills and its professional network of carefully selected companies, Nuances ensures the coordination and follow-up of the work while respecting the announced deadlines. 


- Studies and administrative procedures 

- Expertise of the premises 

- Planning management and financial follow-up 

- 3D plans and images 

- Calls for, housing, offices, public space, commercial space, hospitals, schools, etc.

- Architectural direction 

- Construction authorization file 

- Collaboration with architectural firms for construction or renovation projects


Nuances advises you on the choice of components: fabrics, materials, furniture, lighting, works of art and decorative objects.


- Selection of furniture, lighting and accessories 

- Textile selection 

- Furniture design 

- Ambient boards / materials 

- Accompaniment in the showroom 

- Stylism of place (composition of universes)



Sonia Christin, interior designer 


Fanny Dupanloup, interior designer



    Guy Wachsmuth, interior designer